• Big Country x Ricochet x Power Drive DOB: 1/20/18

  • Free Ride x In Control x Power Drive DOB: 1/8/17 


  • Lethal x Hats Off x Game On DOB: 1/17/18
  • Believe The Hype x Carry On x Hats Off x Game On DOB 1/3/18 (2016 Champion Hamp Gilt Hendricks County  Class Winner ISF)
  • The Game x Carry On x Hats Off x Game On DOB: 1/5/18
  • IR x I Pass 8-11 x Black Lightning DOB: 1/8/18(Our Dam is Littermate to 2016 Indiana State Fair Reserve Champ Hampshire Boar)
  • IR x No Debate 18-8 x  Carry On x Hats Off x Game On, DOB: 1/10/18  (2017 Champ Hendricks County)
  • IR x Man Amongst Boys x Carry On x Hats Off x Game ON DOB 1/08/18


  • Cannonball x Screenshot DOB 1/6/18


  • My Turn x Bullfrog: DOB: 1/05/18


  • Never Say Never x Red Sox 3-6 x All Star DOB: 12/12/17 (2016 Champion Hereford Gilt CPS Springfield)
  • Red Garter x Cottonwood x Junk Yard Dog DOB: 1/17/18 (Dam of ISF 2016 Reserve Champ Hereford Barrow, 2017 IJSC Champion Herford Barrow, Six County Champions, 4th Overall WPX Hereford Gilt, Champion Hereford Barrow Team Purebred)
  • Never Say Never x Red Garter x Cottonwood, DOB: 1/7/18  (Littermate to 2017 Springfield Team Purebred Champion Barrow, she was a class winner)


  • Raise Em Up x Take Notice x Untouchable 153-6  , DOB: 1/10/18
  • The Accountant x Take Notice x Power Drive DOB 1/4/18


*All Yorkshires originate from the ARK One 13-5 and Powertrain Foundation Females


Building a Solid Foundation of Swine Genetics One Generation at a time...